Andy Davis

Chief of Operations (IA)

As Chief of Operations of Mahaska in Iowa, Andrew Davis oversees all operations and is continuously looking for ways to improve efficiency. Davis is responsible for the day-to-day general management of the soft-drink business but has also been a driving force behind Mahaska’s expansion into the full line vending and coffee businesses. In addition to operations management and expansionary undertakings, he leads the business analytics effort for all of Mahaska, where he has implemented software from Salient Corporation, Descartes (High Jump), Rutherford (MEI) to assess sales, margins, and efficiency across all products and accounts. Lastly, Davis works with partners to design funding packages to maximize customer development efforts.

Davis joined Mahaska in 1983. He was hired by Bradley Muhl to develop a sales territory in Central Iowa. He dramatically increased distribution for many portfolio brands which drove associated sales increases. By 1988, Davis was promoted to Route Director where he managed a warehouse and 4 soft-drink routes. In 1989, Davis was promoted to Food Service Manager with the goal of growing the fountain business. Davis designed marketing programs that increased cup sizes and implemented “bounties” that were a key point of competitive contention in the Cola Wars. In 1990, Davis was again promoted—this time to Sales Manager. It was as Sales Manager where Davis placed the first snack machine, which was the genesis of Mahaska’s expansion into a full line vending and coffee company. Full line vending and coffee remains a key focal point of Mahaska’s current growth and territorial expansion strategy. In 1993, Davis was promoted to General Manager.

Davis spends his free time hunting, fishing, golfing and growing Christmas trees on his tree farm in Oskaloosa, IA.

A graduate of William Penn University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Industrial Technology, Davis is also a graduate of multiple Dale Carnegie courses.